Get Premium Branding For Cheap (Value Monday)

Posted by Ridwan on September 08, 2016

Welcome to this Monday’s Value Monday newsletter.

With the increasing levels of saturation on Amazon it’s becoming more and more important that you develop a strong and compelling brand…

Something which stands out…

Something that your customer would be proud to have..

You can do this through having a stunning logo and beautiful packaging

The problem is that getting amazing artwork made can be tough.

You could always turn to the classic Fiverr… but the designers there leave a lot to desire…

Sure the work is cheap but it’s FAR from being professional or premium…

So how do you get AMAZING work done?

A lot of people turn to 99designs but the problem is their contest system makes things VERY expensive.

Just for a logo you’re looking at $300 or for a packaging design around $400…


So today I want to share with you a way to get PREMIUM designs made at killer prices.

So that you can be more professional and make more sales!

How premium am I talking?

Imagine your product being as good as these:


Amazing right?

Wouldn’t you love to have your product look that good?

Here’s how I get AMAZING designs like that for just $60-$100 each…

1) Go to the 99Designs 1 on 1 website (

2) Select the category of design work you need

3) Look out for work that you like

4) Contact the designers directly and ask them to make your work

5) Negotiate on price

6) They do it

Literally that’s it…

Why does this strategy get you the amazing quality of 99designs designers without having to pay their huge fees?

You see when you use the main “contest” platform of 99designs, designers are making a gamble – they put in lots of work and they might not even get paid anything. That’s why the prices are very inflated – it needs to be worth them gambling their time.

However when you contact the expert designers to work with you 1 on 1, there is no gamble – it’s a guaranteed paycheck.

So that way the prices DRAMATICALLY drop.

And you get premium designs at a great price.

You can use this to improve your branding and be more professional.

Imagine how many more sales you can make when your product looks THAT good?


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