Grow Super Profitably The “Takeover” Way – Value Monday

Posted by Ridwan on September 08, 2016

In today’s Value Monday I’ve got a really cool strategy to share with you..

Something that if you implement – can literally supercharge your growth

It will allow you to catapult into 6 and 7 figures, extremely profitably…

And also cut away a lot of the barriers and make success come a lot faster…

So what’s the strategy?

Buying stock from failed Amazon businesses and getting it transferred to your seller central account. Ranking with the new stock that you bought for super cheap and selling with that.

Why does it work?

The majority of Amazon sellers fail because they don’t know what they’re doing and don’t have access to the high-level strategies that will make them successful (the kind that I share with you in these value monday emails)..

That means that there’s literally tens of thousands of DEAD listings out there

That have THOUSANDS of units in stock…

Just sitting there doing nothing….. the seller LONG gave up!

What you can do is approach these sellers and offer to buy their dead stock from them, since they long gave up and they thought they’d never get rid of the stock and would be happy to get back any money they could….

You’ll be able to pick up that stock for DIRT cheap….

I’m talking picking up stock that would’ve cost you thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars – for “pennies on the dollar” as the saying goes…

Allowing you to get started with less money…

Allowing you to grow more aggressively…

Allowing you to grow faster…

PLUS all the barriers of branding, packaging, supply chain, finding a supplier and testing them etc. are ALL removed –> because you get all that when you buy them out…

How do you do it?

1. When you find a product you want to launch, skim through page 6 to 20 (the dead pages)

2. Look out for listings from private labellers, they’ll have long keyword-stuffed titles. (They’ll be easy to buy the listing from)

3. Use the 999 add to cart trick (press add to cart and put 999 as the inventory, it will tell you how many units they have in stock if less than 1000 or if they have more than 1000). This will let you see how many units they have. Aim for 1000+

4. Contact the seller by selecting them and emailing them

5. Offer to buy their stock, negotiate with them and close the deal

6. Ask seller central support to help you transfer the ownership of the stock from their account to yours

(Make sure to do due diligence. Consider using Paypal or a payment escrow platform. Be responsible, you are responsible for 100% of what you do!)

Then you….

Use all the marketing and launch strategies that I teach to get that listing to page 1 and you’ll make loads of sales hopefully!

If you do this right, if you systemise it…

This is a very powerful, aggressive and advanced way to scale to 6 and 7 figures…. a similar strategy to how big investment bankers do “corporate raiding” and “takeovers”.

Hope you enjoyed today’s value monday! A very cool strategy :)

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2. I’m receiving a lot of requests to make a course on scaling businesses. I’m thinking of making a short course called “80/20 Academy” which will teach in detail how to master the profit centres of your business: sourcing, launching and scaling. Let me know if that sounds good to you by replying to this email – if lots of people reply, I’ll consider making it.


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