Supercharge Your Cashflow – The Hidden Trick

Posted by Ridwan on September 08, 2016

In today’s Value Monday I’ve got a really cool strategy to share with you that’ll help you increase your CASHFLOW significantly..

Cashflow is the LIFEBLOOD of your business

You need cash to make investments

Ordering new stock, spending on PPC and hiring employees

Amazon sends money to you every 2 weeks

So it’s important that you create the right BALANCE

So that you always have enough money on hand to MAINTAIN and GROW your business

But doing so can be tough when it seems like there’s an endless stream of expenses…

Here’s one strategy that can radically change your cashflow and boost it for the better… so that you can run your business with more confidence, clarity and control..

The biggest expense by far is definitely ordering inventory…

Here’s a cool trick you should try out TODAY:

After your 3rd or 4th order with a supplier – contact them to let them know that it would really help you grow your business and increase your orders with them, if they were able to offer you 30 day (or even longer!) credit..

Most suppliers will say YES!

This then means, that you can pay for your stock 30 days AFTER it arrives at Amazon…

Meaning that you will start MAKING money from that stock, BEFORE having lost money to it…

This one trick will literally supercharge your cashflow…

And try to apply it to everything else too after you’ve been working with a vendor for a while?

Shipping company? Ask for credit! Services company? Ask for credit!

(Just don’t ask me for credit on your Profit Phoenix account LOOOL πŸ˜› )

This will mean that you always have more cash on hand, and can grow your business more comfortably and faster.

The only caveat is just make sure you only place orders that you actually can pay for!! Don’t take stupid risks, be responsible and know what you can handle.

That’s it for today – I’ll see you on Thursday for my livestream, come along to learn new tips and to get your questions answered.

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