They Make Millions Doing This (Value Monday)

Posted by Ridwan on September 08, 2016

Welcome to this Monday’s Value Monday newsletter.

Today I’m going to share with you a trick that can increase your conversion rate and thus your sales…

One of the important things that you need to do when selling on Amazon is competitor analysis..

You need to be aware of WHO is making the most money on Amazon..

Which BRANDS are completely crushing it…

and exactly WHAT they are doing to make that happen..

Today I’ll share with you one of the strategies employed by ArtNaturals, one of the biggest private label sellers on Amazon – in fact they do multiple millions a month and are in the top 20 list of the biggest sellers on Amazon (out of 2 million of us!)

When you take a look at their listings, you will find a common trend with their images (the most important part of a listing)

Almost EVERY single image on EVERY one of their listings is an infographic

They look something like this:


You can see what these infographics are like.

They have these as ALL of their images on ALL of their listings…

So if one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) private label brands on Amazon are using this strategy every single time…. it must work right?

So why aren’t you doing it? :)

Create infographics like the one that you see above for the images in your listing.

These are exceptionally powerful especially when you do it like ArtNaturals where you STACK multiple marketing messages in one canvas.

Notice how in just 1 picture they’ve got:

Visual in-use shots, social proof, branding and strong sales copy

Most of us just have 1 of those at a time in our images, but they have all of them at once.

Meaning when they have the buyers attention, looking at their images, they don’t waste that attention with limited marketing – but hit them with full force.

So my message for today is:

1) Know WHO the biggest brands are and STUDY what they are doing

2) Use these infographic images in your listings to increase conversions

Also we’re actually working on a new image editing software specifically designed for creating Amazon images.

It’s a purpose built software which will make it fast and easy to create your Amazon images.

Main images, in-use images, infographics – everything you need.

In fact take these infographic images for example, it will have dozens of high-converting templates – and you can use the push button software to make these infographics in just a couple minutes.

No wasting time communicating what you want to designers, no more unhappy experiences on Fiverr, no more expensive designers.

This is coming out in a couple of months – but I’d appreciate it if you could take a quick survey so we can make sure to include all the features you want in this software.

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