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Why I Take Cold Showers… Value Monday

Posted by Ridwan on September 08, 2016
In today's Value Monday we've got a slightly different and weird kind of tip... All about having COLD showers! Sounds crazy right? Why on earth would you want to do something like that.... Well it turns out cold showers can have an immense impact on your PRODUCTIVITY --> and if you can get grab an extra 2-3 hours of productive work each day, what would the compounding effect be on your business? A couple weeks ago I read an article on Forbes about the benefits of cold showers and since then I've started doing it and it's had a great impact on my productivity. What happens is that you body FREAKS OUT at the cold temperature and instantly goes to work to counter it. That body reaction gets your blood flowing immediately to all your core systems and gets your body in motion. This then means that you feel instantly active and get rid of the usual 2-3 hours of morning grogginess. Here's some of the benefits of doing this: Increased Alertness Your heart rate increases because of the deep breathing your body does, releasing a rush of blood through the body - this gives you a natural dose of energy to kickstart your day. Boosts Heart Health Stimulates Weight Loss Speeds up muscle recovery Eases Stress Relieves depression (If you are old or have medical problems, this may not be good for you, consult with someone before doing it) I recommend trying it out for 1 week to see what impact it has on you. You should end up feeling more productive --> giving you a headstart on the day, allowing you to get more done. That's it for today's Value Monday. Stay tuned to your email inbox because tomorrow I'm going to be opening the doors to 80/20…

This is WHY you aren’t successful yet – Value Monday

Posted by Ridwan on September 08, 2016
In today's Value Monday I'm going to share with you the reason why you may not yet be successful in your business.. The reason why you aren't progressing. The reason why you haven't achieved your goals. It 100% comes down to your "Content To Action" ratio... For every 1 hour that you spend studying, how many hours do you spend taking action and implementing what you learnt? For every 1 hour you spend reading books and articles... For every 1 hour you spend watching videos and webinars... For every 1 hour you spend talking and planning... For every 1 hour you spend getting motivated... How many hours do you spend ACTUALLY taking action and IMPLEMENTING things into your business? What you will find is that a lot of people (and this may even be you) will have no problem shelling out serious money and spending so much time watching courses and videos... But when you look at the amount of time that is actually spent putting things into ACTION, it pales in comparison... Content To Action ratio I think is one of the NUMBER ONE reasons why most people do not become successful... Back when I first started selling on Amazon I bought a big $5,000 expensive course to learn the ropes... you'd think people who buy such a course would be serious action takers right? Nope! The official statistic was that around 60% of people would never launch a product... And it's because their content to action ratio is BROKEN!!! What you need to understand is that you studying and learning content IS NOT PROGRESS.... The only thing that is progress, is actual ACTION... A lot of the time we think that we're working on our business, but instead we're actually just consuming content and not actually doing anything..…

Increase Sales With Better Copy (3 Simple Steps)

Posted by Ridwan on September 09, 2016
Today's Value Monday is a VIDEO I made especially for you... It teaches how to write better sales copy on Amazon or Shopify in 3 simple steps That way you can increase your conversion rate, make more sales and get ranked higher These 3 tips are extremely simple to implement but deliver groundbreaking results Click the image below to watch the video: Since this is a new thing for both of us (video value mondays) I'd appreciate your thoughts on this new style - reply to this email and let me know what you thought about the video and the content! Good luck, crush it this week!
Today's Value Monday is all about RECURRING REVENUE My video explains what it is and how to add it to your business It will stabilise your revenue and increase the amount of money you make from every customer by nurturing automated repeat sales You can implement this on both Amazon and Shopify - and I show you HOW Click the image below to watch the video: image Good luck, crush it this week!

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Posted by Ridwan on September 26, 2016 Download template files here

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